About Us

Over the last 16 years we have been the industry leader in reporting oil and gas drilling activity across the United States and Canada. Our proprietary technology is designed to create the most current and accurate database in the industry. Accurate enough for leading financial institutions to get a feel for where the energy sector is now and where it might be going, and current enough for the industry giants to keep track of one another. What makes WellActivity™ unique is our ability to collect enormous bits of data and convert it into real-time information you can use conveniently with our in-depth reports and maps.

Our reporting tools are simple to use and completely customizable, providing you with the exact information you need when you want it. Additionally, WellActivity™ has made it seamless to incorporate this data into your documents by providing several output options including .html, .xls and .pdf. An iPhone app is currently under development by WellActivity™ which will keep the tools at your fingertips.

We offer customized applications to bridge the gap between our data and your information work flow.

Going Forward

As we expand our data sets to include production, our capabilities and reporting will represent an in-depth analysis on the health of the industry. We are adding many new mapping options and completely new data sets such as:

  • CRM Sales Manager
  • Pipelines
  • Field Maps
  • Geological Overlays
  • Production Data
  • Desktop and Mobile Apps

Summing Up
Whether you're at the office, on the go or in the field, WellActivity™ can keep you informed. Give us a call and see how you can turn our data into information. We do one thing, provide you information on well activity, and we do it very well.


Welcome to Wellactivity

Well Activity has been collecting data for more than 15 years. As a result, we have a huge database of historical data for sale. Additionally, you can view US drilling permits and rig data in our advanced maps along with Historical Data.

Well Activity provides next-generation reports on drilling permits, rig data, and completed wells to cover any oilfield activity in 21 states through out the United States. Visualize all this information through our revolutionary Oilfield Spy and Well Activity reports. These reports contain detailed information, such as drilling permit locations, operator information, and latitude and longitude coordinates.

Success Stories

rig data, well reports and permit activity bourland&leverich
rig data, well reports and permit activity ats
rig data, well reports and permit activity trinity
rig data, well reports and permit activity eor

rig data, well reports and permit activity atlastubular
rig data, well reports and permit activity kk
rig data, well reports and permit activity fidelity
rig data, well reports and permit activity bpa

rig data, well reports and permit activity lasser


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