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Rig Locator

See Rigs on the Map

The Well Activity platform provides a sophisticated mapping system so that you can see where rigs are throughout the country. Click on any rig to find the rig name and owner, and who is leasing the rig.

Backed by the WellActivity Platform

The same features that make all our products great make our rig data and locations amazing as well. Click here to learn more about why our rig data is better than the rest

Backed by the WellActivity Platform

The Well Activity Rig Locator is a powerful tool that tracks rigs across the United States and Canada. Our rig locator comes with advanced capabilities designed specifically to make your job as easy as possible. Completely overhauled in 2015, the Well Activity platform has been transformed into a next-generation system that makes data

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Rig Locator Featured Benefits:

  • Powerful Filtering
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Operator Contact Information
  • Rig Lat/Longitude
  • One-click Driving Directions
  • Next-generation Mapping
  • Map nearby rigs and drilling permit
  • Data delivered via our cloud data service

Extremely detailed data

Find virtually everything you could want to know about a well.

Is something you want not listed? Give us a call. We may be able to accommodate.

Massive Historical Database

Well Activity has been collecting data for more than 15 years. As a result, we have a huge database of historical data for sale. Our historical data is used by some companies to understand industry trends. You can also use it to see how fields grow and shrink over time.

Area of coverage
Includes every significant O&G production state.

Well Activity aggregates data from many different sources to bring you a single, unified report. We've spent years developing a customized data delivery pipeline to bring a huge amount of information into one place. We vigilantly update our reports as frequently as data becomes available - some are updated as frequently as every day.

Well Activity provides next-generation reports on drilling permits, rig data, and completed wells to cover any oilfield activity in 21 states through out the United States. Visualize all this information through our revolutionary Oilfield Spy and Well Activity reports. These reports contain detailed information, such as drilling permit locations, operator information, and latitude and longitude coordinates. Additionally, you can view US drilling permits and rig data in our advanced maps along with Historical Data.

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