Welcome to WellActivity. These documentation pages will help you get the most out of WellActivity. You can use the search bar to the left to find what you are looking for. If after looking through these docs you still have questions, you can always give us a call and we will help you find your way.

Activity Reports

Activity Reports are a great place to start. They provide comprehensive information as to what is going on in the oilfield. Our reports are divided into five different sections. The table below explains what each is for.

Report Description
Permits Newly filed drilling permits
Rigs Lists rigs on location, with details
Completions Shows recently completed wells
Expiring This tab shows permits that will expire within the next thirty days
Bookmarks Shows any permit, rig, or completed well that you have bookmarked from any of the other reports


Filtering reports is easy with WellActivity’s powerful grid.

alt text


You can group reports by any criteria, such as state, county, or operator name. You can even create as many subgroupings as you like. For example, you can group first by county. Then you can subgroup each of those county groups by operator. Our grouping also convienently shows you the number of items in each group so that you can get a quick feel for how the information is structured.

To group by a field, click on any column header and drag it to the bar right above the grid that says Drag a column and drop it here to group by that column. You can do this for multiple fields to achieve subgroupings.

alt text

Control Panel

The control panel contains powerful tools to help you make the most of WellActivity. It is located in the upper right hand corner of the reports page

alt text

The next several sections will explain how to use the toolbar.

Change Timeframe

The Permit and Completion reports both allow you to alter the timeframe for the data you would like to show. You can view information for just today, or load all the data in your area of purchase for an entire year. A shorter timeframe takes less time to load, so only the current day’s data is loaded by default.

alt text

Quick Map

Getting a quick visual overview of where everything is can be very helpful. Often you will want to use our fully featured mapping application. Sometimes, however, you just need a quick overview. For that, we have the quick map button, that quickly generates a simple, but useful map that you can see in a split second without leaving the page. It will map whatever is in the grid that you are currently looking at - whether permits, rigs, or completed wells. To use it, simply click the quick map icon.

alt text


If you find a permit, rig, or completed well you think you may want to come back to, you can bookmark it. To do so, just check any items you want to bookmark, then click the bookmark icon.

alt text

Customize Grid

WellActivity offers excellent customization abilities so you can make the grid your own. To customize the grid, click the wrench icon in the toolbar. From there, you can show or hide different columns. You can also change the grid theme using the dropdown menu.

alt text

Delete Rows

You can temporarily delete any row by checking it and then pressing the trash can icon in the toolbar. Deleted items will return on page refresh, so if you accidentally delete an important item, you can always get it back by refreshing the page.

alt text

Get Distance From Your Location

You may be interested in finding permits close to your location. You could always filter by county - however, you can also enter your address, and WellActivity will calculate the distance between each item in the grid and your location. You can then sort by distance from your location to get an approximate view of which items are nearest to you.

alt text


Printing the grid is as easy as the click of a button.

alt text

Save to CRM

WellActivity offers a powerful CRM that is integrated into the WellActivity system. It allows you to add any permit, rig, or completed well to your CRM as a lead with just two clicks, and automatically imports operator contact information, and checks for duplicates. To add items to the CRM, just click on the ones you want, and then press the address book icon in the toolbar.

alt text

Grid Reports & Data Export

alt text

WellActivity makes it easy to export drilling permit, completion, and rig data from the grid. You can export data in a nicely formatted pdf scout report, or as a standard XLS or CSV file, using the buttons below the grid. When you click on any of the export buttons, the program will export only the currently visible rows. Furthermore, if you select some of the rows by checking the boxes to the left of certain rows, then click one of the export buttons, the program will only export the rows you have selected.

In addition to exporting to CSV, PDF, and Excel, you can also export your current grid to our mapping application with a single click of a button. This allows you to easily view permits, rigs, or completions in an easy to use way.

The last export option allows you to export selected rows to the powerful zdmCRM. Just put a checkmark next to rows you want to send to your CRM, and the application will create new “leads” in your CRM for each permit you import. It will automatically add in the operator name and contact information along with relevant drilling permit information. Once you have added leads to your CRM, you can log into the CRM, and assign leads to your employees, and they will automatically be given the relevant information about the drilling permit, completed well, or rig. If you have not created a CRM account yet, it will automatically prompt you to do so.



Welcome to WellActivity Mapping! WellActivity offers an cutting edge mapping platform that helps you visualize drilling permits, oil rigs, completed wells, and production data. It offers all the standard mapping functionality you would expect - like showing markers for drilling permits with useful information bubbles about each location. Beyond that, however, these maps contain powerful analytic features that help you make sense of the data as a whole. It is power-packed with features that make it an incredibly usefull system - such as the ability to generate heat maps, import KMLs, shapefiles, and CSVs, and an integrated search. As you read through this section of the documentation, you will get a feel for how the application works, and also hopefully gain some ideas as to how you can use the information it presents to obtain valuable insights into the oil production industry.