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WellActivity™ Providing The Petroleum Industry with

  • Permit filings
  • GIS mapping
  • Rig locations
  • Monthly production data
  • CRM managed sales leads
  • Covering All significant US O&G states

Experience the WellActivity™ Difference

We track

Drilling Permits

Up to date reports on who files for drilling permits in all major states.

We provide comprehensive

Rig Stats

Rig names, operators, locations, and more - it's everything you want to know about rigs.

We provide well-specific

Production Data

Accurate and timely oil & gas production data.

We make it easy to find what you are looking for.

Clean, Simple Reports

We've made use of the latest web technologies to bring a product with unparalleled power and ease of use. We've taken great care to make it easy to use for beginners, yet powerful and feature-filled to seasoned experts.

Extensive Contact Information

Why waste time looking for hard-to-find operator contact information when Well Activity provides it with a single click of the mouse? Just click on the name of an operator and you'll get a way to contact them.

Easy as Cake

Rig Locator

Rig location data is important for countless people involved in the oil industry. We make it easy to locate rigs in seconds. In our data grid, you can easily search by rig name or operator to find detailed information on a rig. Alternatively, you can view all the rigs on the map, filtered by operator, state, county, or field. You can even color code rigs by operator, or bookmark them for later viewing.

Visualize oilfield activity in a beautiful map.

We've developed a new mapping application that is head-and-shoulders above any map we've ever developed before. It's packed with features that will make it useful in ways never before possible. Easily filter what's shown on the map, or view custom-calculated field outlines. And because it is backed by our solid database, the information it offers is whole and complete.

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Export data to Excel, PDF, or CSV with one click

Data export capabilities are a must, and we've made it as easy as possible for you get information out of our data grids. Our export functionalities are smart enough to exclude any items that you have filtered away in our application. What's more, our PDF report presents permits in a convenient scout-report that is perfect for printing.

Map Everything With a Click

Sometimes the full power of our main map application is too much for what you need. So we've created an easy way to map permits and rigs instatly with a mini-map. This can help you get a quick visual overview of what you are looking in the report grid without taking more than a few seconds.

Driving Directions

Our product integrates with both Mapquest and Google Maps, so you can always find your way to the site in the shortest amount of time

Sales Leads Dashboard

Many companies that subscribe to our services sell parts used throughout the drilling and production process. For these customers, we have created a unique, intuitive sales leads dashboard that makes it even easier to find relevant information.

15 Years of Quality Service

Well Activity has been providing trusted activity reports for the past 15 years. We are an industry leader in user-friendly reporting, and continue to push the limits of how much we can offer our clients.

Bookmark important Wells

You may be interested in a specific well, but can't act on it now. Well Activity allows you to bookmark significant drilling permits, rigs, or completed wells so that you never forget a potential sale. What's more, when you bookmark an item in the permit reports, it will automatically be displayed in a dedicated "bookmarks" folder on the map, so you have instant access to the most important wells for you.

Always up-to-date

Well Activity provides data primarily through a next-generation web interface, instead of through a program you have to download. This means that you always get the latest, most feature-filled version of our software, without ever having to think about downloading updates again.

Customize 'till it's perfect for you

We know that everybody's a little different. What works for one may not work for another, and so we've created a highly customizable system. You can add and remove columns so you only see pertinent information. You can even choose a different page theme that will be remembered even if you close your browser and start a new session.

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