Permit Completion Data

permit data

Our most complete permit package includes dry hole information, P&A information, accumulative production information, FRAC information, perforated interval and other completion data. Many loyal clients refer to this as our "Engineers Delight" package.

Featured Benefits:

  • Includes our "Initial Well Production" data
  • Production History updated monthly
  • Permits information updated daily
  • Coverage includes United States and Canada
  • Customizable report formats including Excel, PDF and BI Dashboards
  • View in GIS, Google and ESRI arcView maps
  • Historical data available
  • Data delivered via our cloud data service
  • Active Operators Report
  • Field Activity Reports
  • County Activity Rankings
  • Other reports include:
    • Rig Location Reports
    • Well Mapping Reports
    • Well Comparison Reports
    • Operator Comparison Reports
    • FRAC Information Reports
    • Various other vital and timely reports

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