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Kansas Oil And Gas News & Information

Who Regulates Oil & Gas In The State of Kansas?

The KCC’s Conservation Division regulates oil and natural gas production in the state. To get more information click here


Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) was originally established in 1883 to regulate railroad activity. One of the first state regulatory bodies is also KCC. A three member Public Utilities Commission was created through Kansas legislature in 1911. The purpose was to regulate telegraph and telephone companies, pipeline companies, common carriers, water, electric, gas, and all power companies with the exception of those owned by municipalities.

The present regulatory body, the KCC, was established by the Legislature in 1933. Over the years, its jurisdiction was extended to include motor carriers, oil and gas conservation, and supervision of plugging abandoned wells to protect fresh and useable water from pollution.

To Drill Or Not? Kansas Oil Operators Make Tough Call On Future Of Industry

being in the oil industry in Kansas means you understand that bad times follow good and that betting on any dip or upswing is a game for suckers.

Yet it can be so tempting when crude prices soar. There’s so much money to be made.

Or, of course, lost.

The far-flung, mostly small and independent oil and gas companies in the state found themselves laid flat by the bust of 2014.

It still stings.

So now, as oil prices creep upward, the drillers and pumpers emerge anxiously — wary both of missing out on high prices for their commodity or firing up production only to get slammed by yet another price tumble. 

Because of the huge uncertainty in the oil and gas business it is crucial to stay ahead of the crowd and be the first to get important data. 

Read the full article here

Kansas Oil & Gas Industry Outlook

According to Kansas Independent Oil & Gas Association January 2020

Crude oil prices were relatively bearish in 2019. The ongoing U.S./China trade dispute curbed fuel demand and kept crude oil prices suppressed most of the year. Fear exists on both sides of the oil ledger with concerns about slowing demand and swelling supplies. Without some resolution to the trade wars, crude oil prices will likely remain bearish. However, the U.S. and China made progress in a trade deal in December 2019, supporting the outlook for fuel demand and slightly increasing crude oil prices in late 2019. Volatile crude oil prices have a significant impact on the small businesses that make up the Kansas oil and natural gas industry.

We can all be proud that Kansas ranked 3rd in a December 2019 national survey of attractive oil and gas investment states by the Fraser Institute. Texas was ranked first followed by Oklahoma, Kansas, and Wyoming. Alarmingly, Colorado was the least-attractive on the list finishing a dismal 20 th out of 20. Colorado passed sweeping oil and gas drilling measures last year (2019) that imposed onerous and uncertain regulations on the oil and gas industry.

The Kansas Independent Oil & Gas Association (KIOGA) represents thousands of independent oil and natural gas explorers and producers, as well as the service and supply industries that are significantly affected by crude oil prices. In Kansas, small independent producers account for 92% of the oil and 63% of the natural gas produced. The oil and natural gas industry is an important part of the livelihoods of Kansans throughout the state. Nationally, independent producers drill about 90% of American oil and natural gas wells; produce about 54% of American oil, and more than 85% of American natural gas. With over 4,000 members, KIOGA is the lead state and national advocate for the Kansas oil and natural gas industry.