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North Dakota Oil And Gas News & Information

Which Government Body Regulates Oil & Gas in North Dakota?

Industrial Commission is the governmental body that is responsible for regulating the oil and gas industry in the state of North Dakota. To find out more about the Industrial Commission you can visit there website by clicking here

North Dakota Industrial Commission Background.

The Industrial Commission of North Dakota (the “Commission”) was created by legislature in 1919 to conduct and manage, on behalf of the State, certain utilities, industries, enterprises and business projects established by state law. 

The Governor, the Attorney General and the Agriculture Commissioner of the State are all members of the Commission. The Chairman of the Commission is the Governor and a quorum for the transaction of business consists of the Governor and on additional member.  

The Attorney General serves as general counsel. Governor Burgum has been elected to office for a term expiring December 14, 2020.

Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has been elected to office for a term expiring December 31, 2022. Commissioner Goehring has been elected to office for a term expiring December 31, 2022.

How North Dakota's oil and gas industry is turning the Bakken into their steady Eddie

WATFORD CITY — Driving through Watford City to arrive at the North Dakota Petroleum Council’s annual meeting Wednesday afternoon, one thing stood out for Blu Hulsey, NDPC Chairman and a senior Vice President for Continental Resources.

“It doesn’t look like a slowdown when you go through Watford City,” he said. “We have had a consistent growth rate, even in a slowdown.”

Read more here

Gusher! North Dakota Has Four Times More Oil Than Estimated

According to North Dakota has enough oil left in the ground to traumatize climate activists for decades. 

The latest oil reserve estimates will truly amaze anyone interested in such data. Not to mention the U.S. government’s official calculations. The fracking company that’s led the way in developing the state’s reserves even rocked attendees with the news at an industry meeting covered by the Fargo Forum. Read more here